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Icosa a well known party for the past 16 years in the community of Mosselbay, so we need no introduction because it is the only party that has been fighting for its community for the past 16 years.

Sassa solution

We are not going to concentrate too much on the successes of recent years, but you will remember the Sassa crisis where people did not receive their grants in the town because there were no doctors available.

Icosa jumped in quickly and in the blink of an eye the crisis was resolved.

There are many people who will testify that when there was a knock on Icosa’s door, we were there and always gave our best, to resolve a matter as soon as possible, no matter how difficult it seemed.

Proud of Icosa

The party with a proud team across the size Mossel Bay, can proudly say the last few years we, our people have been able to serve with pride, and we were there 24 hours, to help our people when the cry was there. We believe the community knows that Icosa is not in control of the town, but was still there to help people, who needed help.

Icosa’s focus had not only been on the town, but also helped numerous people on farms facing evictions, today many of those people still sit in their homes and many are still in their works.

People living around the AGS church in Exhibition 8 will be able to testify how Icosa got up, to the municipality that did not act to the people who scattered rubble there and who also made people who live nearby sick, the rubbish also posed a great danger to children walking there crèche, it was stopped immediately after icosa handed over a petition to the mayor on behalf of the community.

Icosa also stood up against wooden acid structures that had to be demolished in our neighborhoods where people lived for years, and according to the municipality were illegal. The leaders of Icosa have again risen up against the injustice towards our people, and the question has always been why this is only done to our people, while in other areas where there are numerous illegal wooden structures with no plans, there is going to be break down before being broken down here.

Getting up for the children of sunshine, who had to tackle the dangerous road to hartenbos, was really a great success for the community after Icosa got up with them and today after a long tenure with education the children drive from sunshine to hartenbos primary school. Icosa was also the only party that parents and teachers supported, when covid-19 was at its worst, no other parties you saw.

Souwesia beach

A 30 year tender put out for the lease of Souwesa beach was repulsed by one of the largest marches held, co-operation with the community and led by icosa, today the community is still in possession of the beach.

If Icosa looks back from the last election, the party was not even absent from the community, we were on your front porch, or in your house, for more than 4 years, unlike any other party that is now falling over their feet at your front by not invading.

The question is where do they come from now, when you as a community needed them, they shone in their absence. During the 2021 election, many people gave Icosa a chance now Icosa is asking all the other voters to give Icosa a chance so that we can be a bigger vote for the community. Your crosses can take the community from despair to hope, not just think of yourself, think of the people around you and our children.

Vote ICOSA and make a difference

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