We Deserve Better

ICOSA is going to do everything in its power to bring back the human dignity of our people in all neighborhoods so that it can go better with our people.

With an election that will determine the future of our community, we will make sure that parties that are only seen every 5 years do not get their claws for our own gain on our community.

It is unacceptable that certain parties are only seen every time before an election, therefore ICOSA appeals to every voter to reject such a party at the ballot box, because the question is where do they come from now, it can not be that you only known before each election. If the community was so important, why only now do they appear or is it about power and money.

There are some parties who are so anxious about your vote, that they themselves are willing to buy their votes by handing out food, building toilets, as well as handing out houses to people who should not get it, that around them To justify 5 years of absence.

ICOSA believes that our people have become smarter and that they will not simply be caught again by parties they have never seen, or by parties controlled by people living in other cities.

ICOSA, which for the past 10 years, is the only party that is visible in the community and serves the people, can keep their arms high because they have shown they can serve the community of Mossel Bay, even though the party is not in control was not.

With the confidence that the voters gave ICOSA in the previous election, the parties will run again in the upcoming election, with young and experienced candidates on whom the voters can rely, so that ICOSA can continue to fight for a better life for the greater community of Mossel Bay

With a party that does not need to be introduced to the people, the party will once again be determined to become the people’s choice, and ICOSA is asking the community to give the party another chance.

As everyone knows, the party sent David Kamfer to council and we can rightly be proud of him and the leaders of ICOSA in the greater Mossel Bay, who rendered a great service to the community.

In the last 10 years, ICOSA has helped many people with issues, but remembering everything ICOSA has done will yield a long list, yet there are issues that stood out among the many that were done.


• Stopping the leasing of Souwesia Strand for 30 years that ICOSA has taken for granted in the interest of Grootbrak’s community and the fight to get doctors at the clinics to help people approve their Sassa applications, and the fight that people are now sitting under the canopy where the cars stood was one of the biggest successes for ICOSA in recent times.

• The help with compassion cases, housing problems, people’s electricity that was off, what helped us to turn on, labor issues and farm evictions are among the many issues that the party has handled successfully.

• ICOSA was also one of the few parties that assisted schools during covid cases in the first year, when the department did not want to close the schools asg covid cases.

• ICOSA also played a major role in the transport of Sonskyn’s learners to Hartenbos Primary School.


As far as matters in the council chamber were concerned it was a difficult 5 years and I believe you will understand to oppose against a multitude of people as well as your own people, who you think caring for the community was really avoided like a spear in my heart, the people you chose to represent did not even stand up for you, because they put the money they earned first and you as a voter last, when ICOSA introduced a proposal in the council chamber, which affects the community it was swept off the table with the majority of votes, with councilors living in our communities who did not have a choice to vote against ICOSA’s proposal, even if ICOSA was right, otherwise they were on the red carpet.


At the beginning of ICOSA’s 5 years there was a plea bargain to start building toilets so we do not come to the election again and now toilets are being erected for an election foffie, it has fallen on dead ears and exactly what happened that ICOSA predicted happened.

Although ICOSA was happy for those who got it, the party also expressed its dissatisfaction with people who had to get it a lot, and did not get it – And unfortunately, politics played a big role in who gets it.

 ICOSA’s leaders also sent councilor Kamfer to the council chamber with numerous questions asked of our leaders to get more clarity for the people, but it was like water on a duck’s back.

Some of the big concerns and questions were: ‘Why are jobs only created for certain people, tenders are not for our people and no jobs are created for our young people? With the questions every time, it was clear that it was not important to the governing body the DA.

But now yes as the old men said, to done matters there is no stopping, and we must look ahead, and not stop fighting for justice for our people.

That is why ICOSA is asking the voters to give the party another chance, so that we can go and fight in the council chamber, so that our people can be better off.