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I think I need to make a painfully honest statement today. Some will agree and others will not. What is happening in our country now is the result of 24 years of broken promises by the ANC nationally and the DA in the Western Cape:

I name a few:

  • Better life for all
  • It’s going bitter with all our people now.
  • Jobs for all
  • Unemployment has risen
  • Houses for all
  • Few houses are being built but more squatter camps.
  • Equality before the law

Asking anyone if you are convicted of contempt of court is usually a fine or jail time. My friend says today he paid R180. It’s probably now R300. Why not even lower court? Why is 79-year-old Zuma punished differently. If only the DA heard a story about Jeffrey Donson. Then the hawks come to surround me. Shake me personally and all who are with me; shake my cart; shake my house; scratching shamelessly through my house; shake ICOSA’s office. While Jeffrey Donson has never set foot on the threshold of court or ever been convicted in my life of dishonesty, theft, corruption or fraud. How many of us have been treated worse than I am? Millions. Have the DA’s or ANC’s offices ever been so searched? No. If there is a story about a brown leader he is arrested immediately. If there is fraud from ANC or DA, there is a commission of inquiry. The current commission already costs around a billion rand. This is state capture. How many houses could we have built already? Dawid Kamfer was even convicted without a trial in Mussel Bay and fined R10 000, just because he played his review role. Everywhere, ICOSA board members are oppressed. What equality before the court does the media talk about?

People are hungry. A hungry man is not going to think. He only thinks of food. Every day I share what I have with people who come to me.

Then came covid 19. Adults and children are forced to sit at home. The ANC government includes everything and businesses. The DA and ANC must be careful with promises that they do not keep. They run the country, provinces and most towns. Still today the truth flees from the lies. The men who talk like that on TV have lost touch with reality. They sit and watch TV, are eaten full and hot under a roof.

Suggestions to stop the violence and looting immediately:

  1. Announce a state of emergency immediately.
  2. Give all unemployed people a monthly allowance of R2 000 and or let them do something to build up land
  3. Give more money to housing. If provinces send back housing money, then give money directly to municipalities.
  4. Give Covid 19 vaccine faster to all people. Do not force people who do not want.
  5. Compensate businesses that have been looted and in some cases with insurance companies, so that these businesses can get started quickly.
  6. Pardon Zuma or give him a choice of a fine.
  7. Give us back the land and wealth of Khoisan and Griquas, for it belongs to us.

You stop violence with atrocities, but the problem flares up again. That’s South Africa’s history.

Provinces and places where this looting have not yet taken place encourage your family and friends not to be part of this looting. Pray that God puts it in the hearts of the leaders and the hearts of all our people that we should live in love with our neighbor in this beautiful land. We deserve better.

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